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Roller Coaster Dice is a casino dice game offering by Playtech. This game has a minimum prize of £0.40 and a top prize of £3000 per game, depending on how much you wager initially. You can bet between £0.10 and £100 per game. The object of the game requires that you make correct predictions about dice roll results. You will have to guess if the next dice roll will be lower or the same or higher or the same as the existing roll.

BetSoft’s Pai Gow Poker is a game available online free. Pai Gow Poker is a blend of American poker and the ancient Chinese version of the game. This game involves the use of 53 playing cards – one full deck of cards with a Joker included. Players begin with seven cards a piece and you play the game against the house. You have to split your seven card hand into two separate hands – a five card and a two card hand. The highest hand is the first hand consisting of five playing cards. The second highest hand is the remaining two cards.

Net Entertainment produces a fun and attractive version of Oasis Poker. When the free game loads in your browser, you can choose between low roller, standard, and high roller mode. In standard mode when playing the demo, you start out with €5000 free casino credits. The game has a minimum bet of €1 and a maximum bet of €40 in standard mode. If you opt for low roller mode, the game has a minimum bet of €0.10 and a maximum bet of €5.00. In high roller mode, the minimum bet is €25.00 and the maximum bet is €100.00.

Betsoft Gaming has a Caribbean Poker game that you can play for free online. The table limits in the game is a $1.00 minimum bet and a $100 maximum bet. When playing the game in demo mode, you have an account containing 1000 casino credits. The button controls in the game consist of a silver-colored deal and clear button. The virtual chips are available in the lower right hand corner of the game window.

Dice Twister is a fun dice game released by Playtech. This game is ideal if you like a game like Sic Bo, taking risks, and if you feel confident in predicting the outcome of three dice. The dice are transparent and all rolls are totally random. You have the option of guessing the sum of the dice rolled, the numbers that will appear on the dice, or you can even wager on whether or not the outcomes are odd or even. You also have the option of guessing that the dice outcome will be a mixture of odd and even numbers, and you bet on a range of the sum of the dice by making hi, mid, and low bets.

Cannibal Scratch Cards is a game released by Sheriff Gaming. The game has a jungle theme and you can hear jungle music and chanting in the background while you play. Cannibal Scratch Cards is a game that allows you to win up to 10,000 times your bet. This game was released in June 2013 and has 3D graphics. The graphics are animated, thereby adding a whole new dimension of excitement to online scratch card gaming.

In 2013, we are going to provide you with a fun weekly recap on Sundays. This way, if you can only visit our site once a week, you know that on Sundays we will provide you with a brief recap of what you missed earlier in the week. This will let you have a quick peak at what you missed, as well as give you an idea about the details you will find in each post. We hope this weekly recap helps you keep on top of our daily content so that you don’t miss a single opportunity to get some free casino gaming into your busy schedule. We value your online entertainment, and are striving to find the absolute best options for you. Read on to learn more.

You can enjoy a spectacular version of Deuces Wild Video Poker by accessing the variant produced by Net Entertainment. The game loads with a green status loading bar. You have the option of playing 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 hands simultaneously. The coin values in Deuces Wild range from €0.02 and €1.00. The game software allows you to increase and decrease the amount of coins you wager by using up and down arrows. In Deuces Wild, you begin with an demo account offering you €5,000 in free casino credits. The minimum and maximum bet in Deuces Wild will vary, depending on how many hands you choose to play.

Pyramid Joker Poker is a video poker offering by BetSoft Gaming. You can wager between $0.02 and $5 per hand and there are three different types of bets you can place. You can wager on three cards, five cards, or three cards with lower winning payouts. You can win up to 4200 credits if you wager the maximum credits in the game.

Tens or Better is available through a release by Rival Gaming. This video poker selection requires that you create a hand with a point value of ten or greater. The game has exquisite graphics and fantastic sound effects. In this game, you can wager between $0.25 and $5.00 in terms of coins. The minimum bet is $1.25 and the maximum bet is $25.00 per hand. You can begin free gaming with a demo account consisting of 250 credits.