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Boardwalk Bingo – Monopoly And Bingo At The Same Time

If you’ve always enjoyed becoming a millionaire in the Monopoly world along with being engaged in a good Bingo game with huge prizes, then this one is exactly your type. Just like a Monopoly game, Boardwalk Bingo allows users all around the world to play against their friends. Bingo is also incorporated in this game and while you travel from property to property on the Monopoly table, you actually stop and play some Bingo at each stop. Well, isn’t that exciting?

The graphics are outstanding, and the sound effects create an entertaining environment for you and your friends. In order to play it though, you must have internet connection on your device. You get to play Bingo with 8 or 12 cards, which is more than what other games offer. There are lots of things to do in Boardwalk Bingo. You can compete against your friends and win if you have the most Bingos, you can complete challenges or collect community chests to get rewards like coins or other great prizes, and you can also win using lots of different tricks and hints the game features. For instance, there are some multi-level boosts available that give you free daubs, and you can also reveal some of the upcoming numbers or add bonus spaces to the cards you have.

You can also get Bingo tickets for free if you complete the Monopoly themed collections on the boardwalk. Plus, you get to visit all the Monopoly properties, such as luxurious hotels, wonderful beaches, and even the Marvin Gardens. If you haven’t played Bingo before, don’t worry. At the beginning of the game you will be asked whether you want the instructions or not, so you’re safe. If you choose to have them, the game will guide you through everything you have to do. After playing it once, you won’t be able to stay away from you phone. You can buy cards using dice, and there are many Bingo patters that will get you the Bingo prize easily if you learn them.

Bingo is such an easy and entertaining game that everybody has to try at least once. You can get this game for free at Google Play and storm8.com. It is not large in size – only 49 MB so make sure you have enough space to install it.

The game is offered to you by Storm8 Studios and Google Play free.