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Choose Your Stake Limits With Omega Gaming’s Free Baccarat

If you love playing online Baccarat games, you'll soon come to appreciate the diverse software application by Omega Gaming. Omega's version of Baccarat lets you choose the stake limits of the game. The game loads in your browser window instantaneously. You do not need any special software to play. You must have a compatible Internet browser with an Adobe Flash-based plug in to play Baccarat online.

The table limit options let you enjoy the game with low stakes, or you can practice being that risk taking, high roller without ever really going for broke. The game defines credits in the form of Euros. There are four different table limits to choose from as well. The first stakes option you can choose from sets the lowest wager at just 0.25 credits. The maximum bet is then 25 credits. The second option quadruples the minimum and maximum bets to 1 credit and 100 credits respectively. The third option increases the betting stakes by 5 – the minimum bet is 5 and the maximum bet is 500 credits. The final betting option is best for the high roller, with a minimum stake of 25 credits and a maximum stake of 1000 credits.

Very light music introduces you to the game when it loads in your Internet browser. The virtual table is elegant and sophisticated in design – the game logo appears in beautiful, ornate, cursive font at the top of the table. When you place your initial bet using virtual betting chips and a drop and drag operation, the mouse driven buttons for controlling the game appears. You can choose to clear you bets or deal. Following a hand, the buttons new bet and last bet appear. The cards make realistic swooshing sounds. The game board is easy on the eyes. The playing cards are large, well-designed, and realistic in appearance. Light harp music plays when you win.

You can change the speed of the game when you enter the game settings – Omega Gaming's Baccarat has settings one through five. The default setting for the game speed is three. If you prefer to play the game quietly without sound effects, there is a small button with a speaker icon for controlling the game's sound effects. You can play the game in your browser window or in full screen mode.