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Do Less, Win More With Mini Roulette By NetEnt

Have you ever wondered how many games you can actually play at the same time? Some casino games require a strategy, but some are just based on luck. And if you’re a busy gambler, you may enjoy the ones based on luck more. So why not play more games of this kind at the same time? The answer is simple – they are still complex games that require attention. True. But now you’ll be surprised to find out that NetEnt, the famous software platform has created a Mini Roulette game that is quick, super easy, and super winnable.

The fact that it is a mini game doesn’t change the quality of the graphics. The sound effects are still realistic and clear, and you can do lots of changes in the technical details if you need to adapt the game a little bit to your style. For instance, if you think it’s going too slow, just click on the Rabbit Icon at the bottom of the screen and the game will automatically become much faster. You can also turn off the sound effects if you’re doing something else that requires your concentration by clicking the Sound Icon next to the Rabbit. If you haven’t played any Roulette games before, don’t worry because the instructions are all there.

The game has two variants. You can either play the Low Roller with chips of $0.10, $0.50, $1, and $10 or you can play the Standard with chips of $1, $5, $10, and $100. The minimum and maximum bet depends on the variant you choose to play. Mini Roulette works the same way as the normal Roulette. The only difference is that here there are only 13 numbers, so the table is quite small. However, you can still win really big at this game, somewhere around $1760 in total. The game comes in demo mode and gives you 5,000 virtual cash to spend. If you run out of it, simply refresh the page and the amount will come back to you.

Roulette games are much appreciated by gamblers around the world. Not only are they quick and simple, but they also bring lots of rewards in cash. Mini Roulette gives you the chance to experience the excitement of playing this game without having to do complex actions in order to win something.