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Enjoy Free Rummy Games At Yahoo! Games!

You have to create a free player’s account by establishing a free Yahoo ID in order to play the games on Yahoo! Games. Once you have an established ID you can return to the site again to play more of your favorite Rummy games. You may have the option of logging in with Facebook offered to you, but you can only do this if you first create a Yahoo ID which will automatically set you up with a Yahoo email account as well.

Learn While You Play At Yahoo! Games Online

This site offers you details about Rummy Rules, strategies, and you can find answers for questions pertaining to the Rummy game. Once you are signed in as a player you can explore the free information provided or you can click on the “play now” link to get started gaming. You can learn while you play, which is a nice feature.

Check Out Lounges Where You Can Play Free Rummy Games

Yahoo! gives you lounges where you can play Rummy games. You can choose from Global Game Rooms including the Walrus Rock 2, the Veteran Vortex, Social Lounge, Rookies Rink, Newbie Corner, or the Natural Haven room. You can also play Rummy in the Medium Strip, King’s Quarter, Intermediate Lounge, Hamster Pit, Easy Alley, Doggie Den, Decent Digs, Coyote Gluch, Command Central, the Beginner’s Bistro, the Amoeba Drop, or the Advanced Lounge. Thus, players can find rooms that cater to their skill level. Every lounge lists how many players are in the lounge before you enter it.

CAPTCHA Protection Keeps You Safe In The Game Rooms

The site will require that you fill out a captcha before entering the game room you choose. Once in the room you can establish a number of settings. You can choose to play Oklahoma Gin and you can choose whether you make the game public or whether you invite players to play the game. You can click on the “sit” game and then wait for an opponent to enter the room to begin gaming. This is a nice selection if you are looking to practice with real players in a virtual environment. The site lets you boot people from the game room if they are behaving inappropriately and you get impressive controls over the gaming environment. So, you control your gaming experience, just don’t abuse it yourself.