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Enjoy Marvel Roulette Free Online Casino Gaming

Marvel Roulette is a 3D gaming option by Playtech. The table betting minimum is $0.00 and the maximum bet is $200.00. This game is based on the European variant of the game, since the wheel hosts a single zero compartment. To place a bet, you have several options. You can click on the betting area on the Roulette table or you can click on the stat wheel in the lower right hand corner. You can access the stat wheel by clicking on the button that looks like a bar graph.

On the left hand side of the game window, there are three Marvel characters including Thor, Captain America, and Spider Man. On the right, you will see the Incredible Hulk, Ironman, and Wolverine. In the upper left hand corner of the game screen is a bright blue, small button. The button, when clicked, reverses the direction of the spinning Roulette wheel. On the right is a history tracker revealing recent wins. This game gives you the ability to save up to four of your favorite bets for ease of wagering. Once you are done betting, you can click on the red spin button to get the Roulette wheel moving.

After the initial spin, you can use the double and spin button, the rebet button, or the rebet and spin button. This game also includes a Marvel Bonus feature. You must wager on the Marvel bonus and have the Roulette wheel land on the position in order to trigger the bonus. The bonus game includes a three reel slot game featuring Marvel characters. Your initial bet determines the payout for wins. This game has a mystery jackpot that activates automatically and randomly.

This game has casino sound effects. Music plays in the background as you wager and spin the Roulette wheel. A female voice announces any wins and prompts you to place your bets. The white ball sounds like a real moving ball when it spins around the wheel. If you hover your mouse over the betting area, it reveals the amount of your bet and it also reveals the potential payout if you win. The demo version of the game starts you out with $2000.00 casino credits. If you hover your mouse over the stat wheel, you can view odds and percentages instantly.

Marvel Roulette is available free at Casinnos-Online.888.com. You can also try the game at Free-SlotGames.com.