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Partake Of Hours Of Free Baccarat Gaming Online

The game software development company 1X2Gaming has developed a version on online Baccarat. The game is available in a demo version for free play. Baccarat is ideal for new and adept players. New players can learn the rules of the game and play without the pressures associated with a brick-and-mortar betting table. Adept players can hone their skills with hours of free play. No special download is required to play Baccarat. The game is a flash-based, instant play application. All you need is a compatible browser, Flash plug in, and a network connection to play.

When the game loads you will hear the sound of a busy casino filled with people gambling. A camera pans in on a virtual setting revealing a casino with chandeliers, marble floors, thick carpeting, betting tables, and slot machines. The camera then zooms in on the Baccarat table until the entire game screen is filled from edge to edge with the Baccarat table's surface. The table has a dark red surface and a faux leather border. The betting area is presented in white, yellow, and black font.

On the upper edge of the betting surface you will see the game logo. Beneath the game logo, the word “Banker” appears. Just below the word “Banker,” you will see text revealing that a tie pays 8:1. Below the latter mentioned text, the word “Player” appears. Beneath the word “Player” you will see three betting areas labeled “Player,” “Tie,” and “Banker” from left to right. Running along the bottom edge of the screen are seven piles of betting chips with different denominations ranging from $0.10 to $100.00. The game has a minimum bet of $0.50. The maximum bet in Baccarat is $250.00. The demo version of the game comes with 50 free fun credits to play.

To place a bet in Baccarat, you must click on a chip and then click on the betting area. Once you place your bet, two buttons appear including “Deal” and “Clear” chips. When you click on the “Deal” button, the cards are doled out face up. The value of each hand appears to the left of the hand. If you win, you get a pile of chips, the value of the chips appears beneath them, and you will hear music play.