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Play Free Rummy LITE Directly From Your Phone

Rummy LITE is one of the most appreciated Rummy games in iTunes by LITE Games GmbH. The latest 2.4.6 version of the game is 14.3 MB in size and can be downloaded directly from iTunes. This means that in order to play it, you must have iOS 5.0 or later on your Apple device – be it iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The game is available in 5 different languages: English, French, German, Italian, and Polish.

LITE Games GmbH created this game from scratch, mixing two important ingredients to attract the best result – good graphics and classic cards. Games are always more entertaining when they have high quality graphics, and this one isn’t an exception. Plus, it also has pleasant sound effects that mirror the ones from the real life. Together with the graphics, these two features form a realistic environment for the Rummy LITE game. Apart from this, the game itself is optimized to the max, which means less to no advertisements will be displayed on the screen during your match. At the same time, you will now be able to play against three real opponents from anywhere in the world.

The Rummy LITE game has some new rules added. However, they are quite simple and can be learnt from the very first match you play. These rules are set as default when you first enter the application. But you can always change them from the Settings button – it’s a whole variety there. Plus, you will be using the original Altenburg cards so things will be simple and quick, as you have probably played with these cards before. If you haven’t, you will definitely find them easy to handle. This version of Rummy LITE also allows players to engage in the game whenever they want. The creators thought it would be a better idea if they just got rid of rounds.

Moreover, if the game looks too easy or too hard for you, this new version allows you to change this as well from the Settings button. In fact, when you go to Settings, you will notice that you can pretty much customize the entire game. With the simplest layout, even the ones who haven’t played Rummy before will know what each button does from the very start. Plus, you will be able to see the results list at any time.