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Playtech’s Baccarat Hosts Spectacular Features

If you want a cool version of Baccarat where you can adjust the speed of the game and control extras like music and sound effects, Playtech has an exceptional version of Baccarat. The game's cool design makes for easy play. What's more, the graphics are realistic enough to keep you engaged in game play for hours.

While the traditional game of Baccarat typically relies on the use of 8 decks of cards, Playtech's version of the game relies on 6 standard playing decks. To begin the game, you need to click your mouse on the chips you wish to wager – clicking on the chip selects it. You then click on the betting area on the table marked Player, Banker, or Tie, depending on the bet you want to place. You can increase your bet by repeatedly clicking on the betting area. To decrease your bet you hit the shift key and click on the bet at the same time or you can use the “Clear Bets” button to remove all bets from the table.

After you are finished wagering, you can click on the “Deal” button. The Player and Banker receive cards based on the rules of the game. This game has a theoretical RTP that varies depending on the type of bet you place. If you bet on the Banker the RTP is 98.94%. If you bet on the Player, the RTP is 98.76%. If you bet on a Tie, the RTP is 85.56%. This game allows for side bets as well. If you bet on the Player Pair/Banker Pair, the RTP is 88.75%. If you bet on a Perfect Pair, the RTP is 82.93%. If you bet on Either Pair, the RTP is 85.46%. If you place a Big side bet, the RTP is 95.65. If you make a Small side bet, the RTP is 94.73%.

The buttons in Baccarat are mouse driven and very simple to use. Other than the “deal” button, you can start another round with the “new game” button, and the “rebet” button lets you repeat the same bet across rounds. If you want to find out about game rules, you can click on the wrench in the uppermost supporting casino toolbar – there you can access game options and rules. You can see your balance on the bottommost toolbar.