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Smooth Blackjack Games With Relax Gaming

Relax Gaming is an exceptional casino software solution offering players yet another opportunity to enjoy endless hours of online Blackjack games. The game is available in practice mode, so players can get a good taste of what the software delivers. It’s good news for the fan of Blackjack looking to master the game or to simply sharpen up their playing skills.

Blackjack by Relax Gaming starts a player out with 3000 free chips for game play. The game allows players to bet up to three hands at a time, thereby multiplying the potentials for producing a winning hand against the house. The game rules are standard and matches traditional Blackjack. So, your goal is to get a hand with a value as close 21 as possible or equal to 21. The RTP rate associated with the game is 99.6%.

Relax Gaming’s game presentation is clean and easy to navigate. The felt-covered virtual table has a faux leather border, reminiscent of a real casino setting and feel. Chips along the edge of the screen make for easy and quick betting. The chips are available in denominations of 1, 5, 25, and 100. A minimum bet for each hand is 1 chip. To place a bet, all it takes is clicking on a chip and then on the hand you want to play on the table. Once chips are doled out, you’ll get the option of doubling your bet provided you have enough in your practice account to do so.

Once bets are placed on the table, you’ll have to click the “Deal” button to allow cards to be handed out for each hand. The cards present with a look of a classic playing card style. As every card gets placed on the table, you’ll hear the cards swipe against one another. This game comes with the option of insurance if the dealer’s face up card suggests a potential blackjack is in hand. Hand values appear at the top of each hand for ease of play.

Ties result in a push and you get your bet back. Once all insurance options are played out, you can choose to hit or stand. Wins and losses appear in text on the screen for game result clarification. A Rebet feature allows for ease of betting the same amount repeatedly. Refreshing the demo mode allows for players to enjoy Blackjack any time at no cost whatsoever. The game is available for practice play at LeoCasino or UniBet Casino.